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GloucestershireChildren's Social Care Procedures Manual

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Direct Work Tools
Title: When Inserted:
What to Expect from my worker poster September 2018
Top Tips Poster for Teams September 2018
My Journey - Resource Toolbox February 2018
My Journey - Frozen 19.12.2017
My Journey - Harry Potter 19.12.2017
My Journey - My Little Pony 19.12.2017
My Journey - Paw Patrol 19.12.2017
My Journey - Minions 19.12.2017
My Feelings- Worksheet 14.04.2015
Understanding Anger Workbook 14.04.2015
My Journey Blank Template 27.05.2015
My Journey - Fairies 27.05.2015
My Journey - Farm Animals 27.05.2015
My Journey - Football 27.05.2015
My Journey - mix pages 27.05.2015
My Journey - Jelly Beans 27.05.2015
My Journey - Blank final copy 27.05.2015
My Journey Fairies - Final copy 27.05.2015
My Journey - Secondary version 2 final copy 27.05.2015
My Journey secondary school age - work materials February 2018
Older "My Journey" - How to guide February 2018
My Journey - Space 27.05.2015
Top Tips Poster blank boxes 27.05.2015
My Journey - How to Guide 2 27.05.2015
My Journey Football Final Copy 27.05.2015
My Journey - Jelly Beans 27.05.2015
My Journey - Pirate 27.05.2015
My Journey Secondary Version A4 Final Copy 27.05.2015
My Journey - Space PDF 27.05.2015
My Journey secondary version A4 PDF 28.05.2015
My Journey Pirates PDF 28.05.2015
House of good things 18.08.2015
House of hopes/ dreams 18.08.2015
House of worries 18.08.2015
How to make Safety Plan- Young Child
How to make Safety Plan - Young Person
How to make a Safety Plan template
Child Body Map
Child Injury Template
My Views Symbol format
My Views Child
My Views Young Person
Restorative Practice
Title: When Inserted:
Essential Training
Title: When Inserted:
Early Help
Title: When Inserted:
Gloucestershire’s Levels of Intervention Guidance – Working Together to Provide Early Help, Targeted and Specialist Support for Children and Families August 2018
The Windscreen - A diagram to demonstrate the Continuum of Need August 2018
Transfer from Childrens Social Care to Early Help June 2017
Practice Guidance
Title: When Inserted:
Supervision Policy October 2017 February 2018
GSCB Neglect Toolkit 30/01/2018
Parenting Assessments 25/01/2018
Statutory Visit Definition and Guidance 09/08/2018
Statutory Visits 25/01/2018
Writing an Analysis 25/01/2018
Analysing a Chronology Tool for Duty and Family Support February 2018
Multi-Agency Chronologies - practice guidance February 2018
Brook Traffic Light Tool - assessment of sexual behaviour in children February 2018
Practice Learning Resources
Title: When Inserted:
Child Protection
Title: When Inserted:
Child Exploitation Strategy October 2018
Information Checklist for Initial Child Protection Conference 03/10/2018
PPB Information Report 07/02/18
How to make a safety plan template
Referral Form 07/02/18
Trigger Plan Template 07/02/18
CSE Tool Guidance 07/02/18
CSE Screening Tool 07/02/18
Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board Joint Section 47 Enquiry Protocol February 2018
Strategy Discussion & Section 47 Investigation 25/01/2018
Child Protection Safeguarding and Standards Dispute Resolution Protocol February 2018
Dispute Resolution Protocol Practice Guidance February 2018
Children in Our Care
Title: When Inserted:
Achieving Permanence 25/01/2018
Contact Guide 22/01/2018
A guide for Social Care teams on how to commission placements for vulnerable children and young people June 2017
Statutory Guidance Permanent/Long Term Foster 04.06.2015
Life Story Book 1 Blank 04.06.2015
Misuse of Accommodation under Section 20 of Childrens Act 1989 04.06.2015
Guidance re annual reviews for children placed in long term foster placements and the frequency of statutory visits to them June 2017
Resource (Edge of Care / Placement) Panel Terms of Reference June 2017
Independent Reviewing Officers – Dispute Resolution Process February 2018
Analysing a Chronology Tool- Child in Care February 2018
MOMO (Mind of My Own)
Title: When Inserted:
MOMO Guide 26/03/2018
MOMO poster for Foster Carers 26/03/2018
MOMO One - What it Does foe Workers 26/03/2018
MOMO Poster 26/03/2018
Scenarios in MOMO 26/03/2018
MOMO - YP's vs Worker's Account 26/03/2018
MOMO Sign Up - Step by Step 26/03/2018
Title: When Inserted:
Care Leavers
Title: When Inserted:
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